May 19, 2018


Celine Stuart will facilitate our May meeting

INSPIRATION: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Synonyms: creativity, inventiveness, innovation, ingenuity, genius, imagination, originality 


     In this journey together, we will view the literal word, philosophical idea, thoughtful theory, and emotional association of INSPIRATION. We will tour the history and meaning as well as discover how we are inspired. Is our inspiration positive or negative? Is it fiction or nonfiction? Is it physical or emotional? 

     Please join us for some delightful sharing, thought-provoking conversation, insightful philosophies, and fascinating ponderings that will illuminate your mind and spark your creativity. To explore your own inspiration, we will have a couple of prompted free writes. 

     Because this teaching is in workshop format, we will omit manuscript critiques this month. 



April 21, 2018

CRITIQUES: Guidelines and Your Manuscripts

Rebecca Jones will facilitate our April DCWF meeting

We’ve all had our work critiqued at one time or another. However, have you ever felt as though the piece you feel is God-breathed–the piece you shed sweat and tears over–is picked apart like a piece of roadkill by ravenous vultures? How can we, as a Christian group, edify, encourage, and reprove the works presented? Also, how can we as writers learn to not become discouraged or easily offended by the critique process?

Rebecca Jones will focus on the value and process of manuscript critiques, using the Bible as our guide. She will provide handouts of the guidelines that are posted on the DCWF website (meetings/critiques), and we'll review the guidelines to see if they can be improved.


CRITIQUING: Please bring 10-20 copies of a maximum of three (3) double-spaced pages with one-inch margins and 12-pt. font. Also, please use the Line Numbering feature in Microsoft Word for your manuscript (go to the Layout tab and click Line Numbering). This will automatically number each line for quicker reference during the critiquing process.


March 17, 2018

Arianna Fox: Writing/Speaking/Marketing Entrepreneur 

Arianna Fox, guest presenter for March's meeting



Our Guest: Arianna Fox
Known across the region as a little ball of joy and energy, 11-year-old Arianna is not your average tween! Even at this tender age, she has actively and energetically made an impact. Business chamber presidents know and love her. Local business owners, organization leaders, other kids, and parents all know how powerful, mature, and extremely impacting she is on everyone she meets.
Arianna continues to “wow” others with her ability to connect, help and interact. The next Kidpreneur in the making, Arianna is currently writing a book, speaking and participating in many events to help others. Her focus recently has been on speaking and influencing others, especially those that are interested in succeeding. She is gearing up to make an impact in the lives of children and youth, while at the same time empowering adults – all who strive to succeed in reaching their fullest potential.
Ari has been writing since she was six or seven years old. She authored her first published book early 2017, The Princess Chronicles: Not your average princesses. She has currently completed her newest Young Adult fiction book entitled False Awakening, which is in the process of production and promotion. She is a monthly contributor for K.I.S.H. Magazine and has been interviewed multiple times by a variety of media outlets, including Disney's Babble and Delaware News Journal. She has taught professionals in Social Media and is Involved with the family business, SPLASH DESIGNWORKS LLC, as Jr. Marketing Director and soon-to-be “Social Samurai.” For more information, visit her website at 
At our March meeting, Arianna will talk about: How she got started, why she writes, how her writing affects others, and she will give an exhortation to adult Christian authors. This is going to be one AWESOME meeting!
There will be no time for manuscript critiques this month.
Lunch (Dutch treat) at the Georgetown Family Restaurant following the meeting for those who are able to attend.


The facilitator for the March meeting will be Candy Abbott.

REFRESHMENTS: Judi Folmsbee will provide refreshments for the March meeting (Rebecca Jones will bring supplies). 



February 17, 2018

It Takes One to Know One (Character Development)

Michele Chynoweth, guest presenter for February's meeting



Our Guest: Michele Chynoweth
During the past 15 years, award-winning author Michele Chynoweth has worked with a variety of editors and has developed a tried and true process for developing characters that is fun, flexible, and really works (from coming up with names to creating profiles that portray your characters' physical, emotional, and spiritual attributes). She will help you develop believable, compelling characters that readers can really connect with, who make you laugh, cry, and care. Part of that, of course, entails writing dialog that isn't contrived but natural, isn't boring but memorable. A screenplay writer as well, she'll even teach you how thinking like a movie director can help! She will include tips on how to write in various dialects, accents, and more when your characters call for it. She will also discuss how research plays a part and take a look at some of the most memorable characters of all time.


The facilitator for the February meeting will be Candy Abbott.

CRITIQUING: Please note that we have changed the guidelines to 10-20 copies of a maximum of three (3) double-spaced pages with one-inch margins and 12-pt. font. Also, please use the Line Numbering feature in Microsoft Word for your manuscript (go to the Layout tab and click Line Numbering). This will automatically number each line for quicker reference during the critiquing process.

REFRESHMENTS: Candy Abbott will provide refreshments for the February meeting (Rebecca Jones will bring supplies). 



January 20, 2018

Your Writing Vision, Mission, and Goals for 2018

Lisa Falkner, facilitator for January's meeting




Lisa Falkner challenged us in December to identify our Writing Vision, Mission, and Goals for 2018. Because of the holidays and inclement weather, a number of our members were unable to attend. Lisa's presentation was so well received and the time was so short that we decided to continue the exercise at our January meeting.  


Habakkuk 2:2 states: “And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”  Proverbs 29:18 mentions that “where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” 


Vision is important to help us pursue our dreams. What is your vision for your writing? What are you trying to accomplish? Who are you going to reach? How are you going to get there? Join Lisa Falkner as she shares tips for developing a personal vision, mission, and goals for your writing.  We will be provided with questions and tips to help us stay focused, accountable, and productive in our writing in the coming year.


CRITIQUING: Please note that we have changed the guidelines to 10-20 copies of a maximum of three (3) double-spaced pages with one-inch margins and 12-pt. font. Also, please use the Line Numbering feature in Microsoft Word for your manuscript (go to the Layout tab and click Line Numbering). This will automatically number each line for quicker reference during the critiquing process.

REFRESHMENTS: Rebecca Jones will be the keeper of the refreshments bag with our supplies. Betty Kasperski has volunteered to provide the food.



November 18, 2017

My Prayer Pack

Judi Folmsbee will facilitate the November DCWF meeting. Her teaching segment will be "My Prayer Pack" and how it can help every writer. In this bag will be thoughts, Bible verses, and items to help you through times when your brain is stuck and your fingers or keys won't move. 


If time permits, we will critique manuscripts (bring up to 5 pages, double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-pt. font).


Elizabeth Boerner is coordinating refreshments for us this month.



We will need to find a new location for our December meeting and will discuss this, so give it some thought.



Hunter Branch (who works with 21-time New York Times bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins), has offered DCWF a free one-year membership to the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild. Please refer to the attached PDF to learn what the Guild offers. In order to identify the person who would be the best fit for this opportunity, Delmarva Christian Writers' Fellowship is hosting a contest with the following guidelines:


Qualification: Contestants must have attended one DCWF meeting in the past twelve months.


Submission: Contestants will submit a 250-word essay on why they think this free one-year Guild membership would be beneficial to their writing. The essay should be double-spaced with one-inch margins and 12-pt. font. Do not include any identifiable name, email, or other contact information on the essay so judging can be done anonymously. The essay will be kept separate from the submission email and only matched after the winner is determined. Consider this a professional submission and take care to edit your manuscript thoroughly because grammar, punctuation, and quality content will be taken into consideration. 


Deadline: Entries must be emailed to no later than midnight on Sunday, November 12, 2017.


Judges: Candy Abbott and Elizabeth Boerner will prayerfully review entries and make the decision.


Winner Announced: The winner of the contest will be announced at our next DCWF meeting on Saturday, November 18, 2017, in Tunnell Hall at the Georgetown Presbyterian Church. 


Acceptance: Upon acceptance of this free one-year membership, the winner's first name and email will be submitted to Hunter who will create the Guild membership account. 




September 16, 2017

Collins Pond Retreat - "Under the Sea"

Jenna Caraway, Wilma's daughter (pictured here with her puppet, Throck), and her brother Gerald have reserved the Collins Pond Pavilion to carry on the tradition of our annual retreat that Wilma began. A big thanks to Jenna for hosting this event for us!


Everyone should bring their own bag lunch and a food to share, i.e., breakfast cake, salad, or dessert. Please email Betty Kasperski (, by Tuesday.Sept 12th what they are bringing. Cold drinks will be provided. Jenna and Betty Kasperski will coordinate.


The theme will be "Under the Sea."  There will be a short puppet show by Jenna with a free write reflecting the "Under the Sea" theme. There will be an opportunity for photos with the sea backdrop. Members are encouraged to share a sweet or funny story about an experience with Wilma. Betty will lead a mini-lesson, "Recording Your Story," with a four to five question handout. Free-write to relate to an "Under the Sea" suggestion of topics or the lesson. We will not be critiquing manuscripts this time.



CORNER OF 113 AND 404/18 (Seashore Highway) 
Drive west on 404/18 (Seashore Highway) approximately 6.3 miles to Wilson Hill Road. Wilson Hill Road is the first intersection past Elmer's Market. Turn right onto Wilson Hill Road (see "For All" below)

Drive east on 404/18 (Seashore Highway) approximately 4.5 miles to Wilson Hill Road. Turn left onto Wilson Hill Road (see "For All" below)

Drive north on Rt. 13 to Rt. 18. (The intersection where Wright Auto Sales is located.) Turn right onto Rt. 18. Drive 1.4 miles to 404/18. Turn right onto 404/18 (Seashore Highway). Drive approximately 2.7 miles to Wilson Hill Road. Turn left onto Wilson Hill Road (see "For All" below)

Drive 3/10 mile (to the 7th house on the left) on Wilson Hill Road to Gum Island Road (a stone road), Turn left onto Gum Island Road. Drive .1 mile on Gum Island Road to the entrance on the LEFT to the Collins Pond Pavilion.


QUESTIONS? Call Jenna at 214.908.4771 (cell phone) or 302.337.7181 (home) for questions before the event. Candy can be reached at 302.542.8510 (cell) or 302.856.6649 (home).


July 15, 2017

Have You Built Your Brand?

Elizabeth Boerner will facilitate our July meeting. Her teaching segment will be about building your brand and why branding is important when it comes to marketing. What is branding? It’s the perception that a consumer has when they hear or think of your company name, service or product. A good brand will achieve the following:  

  • Clearly delivers the message 
  • Confirms your credibility  
  • Emotionally connects your target prospects with your product and/or service. 
  • Motivates the buyer to buy 
  • Creates user loyalty 

Even if you haven't yet written a book, it's not too early to begin identifying your unique brand.


If time permits, we will critique manuscripts (bring up to 4 pages, double-spaced,   1" margins, 12-pt. font).  


Rebecca Jones will provide refreshments.



June 17, 2017 

The Scoop on the 2017 Non-Fiction Writers Conference 

Rebecca Jones will facilitate our June meeting and give a synopsis of the Non-Fiction Writer's Conference from 2017. She will be distributing handouts from the following workshops:


  • Copyright Plus for Nonfiction Writers – Kathryn Miller Goldman
  • Book Writing Checklist – Stacy Ennis
  • Narrating Your Own Book – Richard Rieman
  • Revenue Streams for Authors – Stephanie Chandler
  • 9 Secrets To Bulletproof Your Presentations – Suzannah Baum
  • Audience Builder Handout – Stephanie Barko
  • Instagram for Authors – Karen Clark
  • Publishing Password Tracking – Brooke Warner
  • Publishing Checklist – Brooke Warner


If time permits, we will critique manuscripts (bring up to 4 pages, double-spaced, 1" margins, 12-pt. font).  


Celine Stuart will provide refreshments.


April 15, 2017

Biblical Inspiration

Rebecca Jones will facilitate our April meeting. She would like us to bring our three favorite Bible verses along with a writing implement and some paper.


We will also critique manuscripts (bring 5 pages max., double-spaced, 1" margins, 12-pt. font). If time permits. 


Thelma Jones will provide refreshments.



March 18, 2017

Serenity? Writing To, For, and About Addicts

Marilyn Emanuel will facilitate our March meeting. She will lead a discussion that will address:


- What is Addiction?

- How is Addiction a Family Disease? 

- What are the Unique Challenges for Writing about Addiction?

- What are the Special Opportunities for Writing about Addiction?


Marilyn Watrous Emanuel, earned a B.A., English, from the University of MD, and MS., Pastoral Counseling, from Loyola University in MD. A former Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, she worked for 24 years as a psychotherapist, combining her pastoral counseling skills with expertise as an addictions and family counselor. For sixteen years, Ms. Emanuel worked at Father Martin’s Ashley (now Ashley, Inc.) which was ranked among the top five U.S. residential treatment centers. There, she established their first Family Wellness Program, using her writing skills to develop a workbook for Ashley families, from which she trained Russian counselors to offer the first family program in their country. 

Marilyn has spoken to professionals and in churches and has contributed to company and church newsletters. She worked professionally in the United Methodist Church and is an ordained Presbyterian elder and deacon. She was an ordained healing minister at Grace Fellowship, Timonium MD and led Bible Studies and church programs for almost fifty years. She is married with two daughters and two granddaughters, worships at Epworth United Methodist Church, Rehoboth Beach, and enjoys writing.


We will also critique manuscripts (bring 5 pages max., double-spaced, 1" margins, 12-pt. font). If time permits.


Refreshments will be coordinated by Elizabeth Boerner. 



February 18, 2017

"Passive Voice"

Ben Patterson will facilitate our February meeting, and he says the topic will be simply "Passive Voice." He will lead open discussion on how to recognize and avoid the use of passive voice (and techniques for using active voice instead. We will critique manuscripts (bring 5 pages max., double-spaced, 1" margins, 12-pt. font). If time permits, we will have a free-write.  



January 21, 2017

Babes in Toyland

Betty Kasperski will facilitate our January meeting, with Judi Folmsbee handling refreshments.


Our theme, "Babes in Toyland," is based on a free-write that Betty has planned for us. Jog your memory and recall a special toy, game, or memory from your childhood. It may be a doll, Lite-Brite, Barbie, Cabbage Patch kid, Super-hero, stuffed animal, or even an imaginary friend. Think about how you interacted with it; what it meant to you. In our timed, writing reflection exercise you will be asked to write about it. We will get your creative juices going and find a memory that only you can share. Think about it and bring the item with you if you can. Fun awaits! 


If you have a work-in-progress, please bring your manuscript for critique (max. 5 pages, double-spaced, 1" margins, 12-pt. font).


Agenda:  9:15 opening prayer/devotion, sharing around the table, 2 minutes only please; 10:00 Break; 10:15 lesson and free-write, 11:15 -12:00 Critiques. Noon: Adjourn/cleanup



December 17, 2016 

Christmas Memories

Claire Smith will facilitate our December meeting. An idea sprung to mind about how to implement last month's suggestion that we each bring a Christmas memory to share. She will bring a box full of odds and ends and, from it, we will elicit Christmas "memories." THAT will be a challenge! But there is also tremendous potential for fun in this.


She also wants to have a timed writing with the catch phrase, "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear," so you can give this some thought before the meeting. The only requirement is that you don't put anything on paper until it's time.


In keeping with our tradition, everyone is asked to bring Christmas goodies to share for refreshments.


We'll also take volunteers for leaders to handle meeting facilitation and refreshments for 2017, so you might want to bring your calendars. 


The church has need of Tunnell Hall by 11:45 and has asked us to wrap up our meeting early, so we'll aim to close the meeting at 11:30, allowing fifteen minutes for clean-up. The agenda will beWelcome. Prayer. Christmas box. Break. Timed writing. Home. Hope you can join us!


TWO BOOK SIGNINGS on Sunday, December 18! Please see our member spotlight page for information about two book signings that will take place the day after our meeting, featuring Delmarva Christian Writers' Fellowship members Judi Folmsbee (Preposterous Pebbles) at Perfect Misfits in Georgetown and Wilma Caraway (Kids' Talk: Priceless!) at Browseabout Books in Rehoboth.


Also, please congratulate Mary Emma Tisinger on her successful book launch last Sunday at Calvary Assembly of God. She gave a stirring talk, and Through the Falling Leaves was warmly received. 


November 19, 2016 

The Ultimate Book Launch

Judi Folmsbee will facilitate our November meeting and teach from The Ultimate Book Launch Guide – 33 Ideas Any Author Can Use

written by Jared Dees. The book marketing journey, according to Jared Dees, is broken down into seven steps for the ideal reader:


1. Know the book exists.

2. Like and trust the author of the book.

3. Try the book.

4. Buy the book. (The Bridge)

5. Read the book.

6. Review the book.

7. Refer the book to a friend.


I will go through each step and give examples (personal and from Jared’s online book), using a bridge as an analogy. Once over the bridge, it is the responsibility of the author to unite with the ideal reader to lead this new group of people by encouraging them to try other books of yours, buy your products, take your online courses, or attend your book launch party.

Vine & Vessels Christian Writers Conference

"Fall Into Writing"


Sat., October 15, 2016

8 AM - 3 PM

Crossroad Community Church
20684 State Forest Road, Georgetown, DE 19947


Co-hosted by three Sussex County Christian Writers Fellowship groups:
Vine & Vessels Christian • Delmarva Christian Writers’ Fellowship

• Kingdom Writers Fellowship

September 17, 2016 

Find Out About Flash Fiction

Rebecca Jones, meeting facilitator for September 2016

Rebecca Jones, storyteller extraordinaire, will lead our September 17th meeting and teach us about Flash Fiction. She'll go over definitions of flash fiction and how it can help people while as they write their own books. Many people at the Fellowship have, no doubt, used the methods of flash fiction when writing stories for magazines and such. I'll have some examples and will encourage others to at least begin something.


If you have a work in progress (WIP) you would like critiqued, please bring 10-20 copies of up to five double-spaced pages (one-inch margins, 12 pt. font). See Critique Guidelines for further info.


Rebecca will also be providing refreshments. 

August 3-6, 2016 held on the campus of Cairn University in Langhorne, PA (north of Philadelphia)

Marlene Bagnull, Litt.D., GPCWC Director

The August 3-6 GPCWC, my 33rd year directing, will again feature a faculty of over 55 authors, editors, and agents; 19 early bird workshops on Wednesday; 8 continuing sessions; and 42 workshops or 3 hands-on clinics! In addition, those who attend the entire conference are eligible for 4 one-on-one 15-minute appointments with the faculty of their choice with a bonus FIFTH appointment for the first 100 registrants.

But GPCWC is about so much more than numbers and opportunities to strengthen your writing and marketing skills, to get valuable feedback on your work, to pitch to editors and agents, and to form deep friendships with others who share your passion for words and for the Lord.

GPCWC is about connecting with Him and learning to wait on Him for the answers He will give us. If you long for your words to make a difference in the lives of your readers, if your heart's desire is to be encouraged and equipped to write about a God who is real, who is reachable, and who changes lives, you need to come to this year’s GPCWC and trust Him to make it possible!

As I consider the crises facing our nation and world, I cannot think of a more important assignment than to "write His answer" through screenplays, novels, nonfiction books and articles, poetry, devotionals, and more. I'm praying you will accept His assignment and make plans now to join us st Cairn University in Langhorne, PA, for our August 3-6, 2016, conference.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

"My life is STILL being touched every day by the Philly conference,
I am writing more, and with a greater sense of purpose,
yet with no concern or worries about my writing as I know God will use me
and what I write as He sees fit.  
Thank you for the opportunity you provided for so many people
to attend an amazing Christian writer's conference!!!"

Thom Smith ~ New Hampshire 

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Critical days are ahead.
I URGE you to watch Michael Gantt’s keynote,
“The Cross Is the Main Thing,” from last year’s conference. 

“The sad fact for America is that
our sin has made God our enemy.
Because of the rejection of God and His Word
and because we have exchanged
the God of Life for the gods of death 
and perversion,
America is already under
the Hand of God’s judgment. 

“If there is no national confession of sin
and if we cannot find a heart of repentance,
a Holy God will complete his judgment;
either by the complete annihilation
or subjugation of what was once a great
and godly people or by rendering it
completely irrelevant on the world stage.”

Michael Gantt (complete transcript)

Video – 

Father, please help us not to miss “the signs of the times.”
Help us to humble ourselves and pray
and seek Your face.
Enable us to live and to write Your answer.

July 16, 2016 

Blessed to be a Blessing

Diana Pletts, facilitator for the July 2016 meeting

Diana Pletts, facilitator of the July meeting, says: In my life as a writer/recovering writer, I have met with both struggles and successes. In my most recent period of struggle, I realized that writing is more than success or failure. Writing is also a gift of communication that God has not given to everyone. This has helped me realize, during times when my writing life seems incoherent, stagnant (or other), that I can use my gifts as a writer to bless people or organizations that need help with their communications.


As writers, we can provide assistance to not for profits, churches, and friends and family by using our gifts and skills in ways that are not a big deal for us but that solve a problem for someone else. Blessing others by assisting them with our writing skills is a simple matter of applying our writing skills to help them get the word out through public service announcements, their resume written, a book review written, or whatever the need is. 


During the July meeting, I will show what and how to say it, and where. This is a way to keep on writing and blessing another in the process, even when your writing doesn't seem to be blessing you. We are blessed, in our gift of writing, to be a blessing. And that just might tide us over.



Bring up to five double-spaced pages of your WIP (work in progress) if you want a critique during the meeting. We will do our best to be sure we fit them in.



This month's refreshments will be provided by Rebecca Jones

June 18, 2016 

Story Board Meets Commercial

Elizabeth Boerner, facilitator for the June 2016 meeting

Elizabeth Boerner, Fruitbearer publicist, is facilitating our June meeting. Her topoic, “Story Board Meets Commercial,” will be a great tool to explore the how-to’s behind simplifying your thoughts when it comes to your book and its focus. Even if you do not have a book completed for publishing, it is never too early to know who you are writing for, where your sellable location is, and the key components that sell a book. Get ready for a writing exercise that will help you see your book through the eyes of the masses. Come prepared for FUN! This interactive learning will be a great tool you will use for a long time.


Bring up to five double-spaced pages of your WIP (work in progress) if you want a critique during the meeting. We will do our best to be sure we fit them in.


This month's refreshments will be provided by Debra Fitzgerald.

May 21, 2016 

Dialogue with Created Characters

Michael and Virginia Derrickson, facilitators for the May 21st DCWF meeting 2016

Virginia Derrickson, one of our newer members, is jumping right in to facilitate the May meeting. She'll help us bring our characters to life through the use of tags and dialogue. Get ready to interact with your characters!


If you have a WIP (Work In Progress) and want a critique, bring ten or more copies of a double-spaced manuscript (no more than five pages), 12 point text, 1" margins.  


This month's refreshments will be provided by the Derricksons.

April 16, 2016 

The Rhythm, Rhyme, and Rhetoric of Writing

Stephen Klyce, facilitator for the April 16th DCWF meeting 2016

Does your language—no matter the target audience or writing style—stir up deep feelings? Consider borrowing (consciously or subconsciously) elements of Rhythm, Rhyme, and Rhetoric from lyricists and composers of Songs of the Heart. Stephen Klyce and Leslie Claunch will utilize elements of Rhythm, Rhyme, and Rhetoric to help us gain new insight into our present writings. Song lyrics that are melded and molded into unforgettable tunes can speak to us and sear themselves into our memory banks. Beautiful melodies and poignant texts are a surefire way to stir our deepest emotions. That's why Music is often termed our "universal language." Come prepared to stir old memories and make new music with your words as Stephen and Leslie share their favorite tunes and texts, old and new, from Baroque to Broadway, from serious to showtime. Put another "poetic chisel" into your writer's toolbox.​


If you have a WIP (Work In Progress) and want a critique, bring ten or more copies of a double-spaced manuscript (no more than five pages), 12 pt. text, 1" margins.  


April refreshments will be provided by Betty Kasperski and Judi Folmsbee.

March 19, 2016 

It's All About ME!

Betty Kasperski, facilitator for the March 19th DCWF meeting 2016

Tap into your strengths to produce your best writing. It’s time to explore the best in you and develop your special gift. Betty will also share five important teachings she gained from the Bay to Ocean Writer's Conference. Come and grow!


If you want your work critiqued, bring ten or more copies of a double-spaced manuscript (five pages of less).  


Refreshments will be provided by Candy Abbott and Rebecca Jones.

February 20, 2016 

The Art of Critique and Rewrite

Ben Patterson, facilitator for the February 20th DCWF meeting 2016

Ben Patterson will facilitate our February meeting. He requests that you bring your own written work for critique. We will spend much-needed time on your work. If the schedule permits, we will also rewrite a piece that Ben will supply. 

Refreshments will be provided by Candy Abbott.
Come and have fun!

January 16, 2016 

Write, Right Where You Are

Rebecca Jones, Facilitator for the January DCWF meeting


Have writer's block, you say? Have doubts regarding your abilities? God called Moses right where he was among the sheep, to lead God's people out of Egypt. If God is calling you to be a writer, then it's time to stop making excuses like Moses did, and it's time to heed the call. 


You may feel like you're in a bind. Or maybe you're afraid to begin. God wants to use you, to help you write, right where you are in your life. Rebecca Jones will explore this topic with us at the next meeting. Bring a writing implement and paper or your laptop if you're more comfortable with technology, and be prepared to write, right where you are.

 December 19, 2015 

Claire Smith, Facilitator for December's meeting

Claire Smith will facilitate our Christmas meeting. Her lesson will be: What was God's intention for creating humanity? How does that affect your writing?


There will be no manuscript critiquing this month. Instead, we will devote our time to sharing and discussion of the future of Delmarva Christian Writers' Fellowship. 
Rebecca Jones has agreed to serve as Meeting Coordinator for 2016. She will be looking for volunteers to lead meetings and provide refreshments for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, (No meeting in August because of the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers' Conference), September, (No meeting in October because of the Vine & Vessels Christian Writers Conference, November, and December.
All members are invited to contribute holiday refreshments for the festivities as we celebrate Jesus and the writing He has entrusted to us.
Hope to see you on the 19th in the Christmas Spirit!

November 21, 2015 (What Distinguishes Christian Writing?)

Gail Atlas, October meeting facilitator

WHAT DISTINGUISHES CHRISTIAN WRITING? Gail Atlas will lead us in a discussion of some assumptions that apply to all genres of writing and what makes Christian writing distinctive.

As always, if you have a work in progress, you are encouraged to bring up to five pages of your double-spaced manuscript for critique.
Louise Whale will provide refreshments.

September 19, 2015 (Building Family Memories)

Betty Kasperski, September meeting facilitator

BUILDING FAMILY MEMORIES. If you have boxes of pictures you haven’t gotten around to putting in an album or scrapbook, old black and white photos scattered here and there, there are a number of ways to put them to good use. Bring a handful of your treasured pictures (3 to 5) with you. Betty’s teaching will get you going.

As always, if you have a work in progress, you are encouraged to bring up to five pages of your double-spaced manuscript for critique.
Debra Fitzgerald and Wilma Caraway will provide refreshments.
Check out this brand new website, ALMOST AN AUTHOR, that had 5,000 hits in the first seven days. I've added it to our Links & Resources page so you can find it for future reference. Subscribe to receive free author resources, business advice, and writing instruction delivered every day right to your inbox. 

June 20, 2015 (The Business of Writing: Promoting Your Book)

Sharon Louth

The Business of Writing: Promoting Your Book


DCWF member Sharon Louth, author of Always Remember to Breathe, will facilitate our June meeting. Sharon is also a counselor at the Delaware Small Business Development Center. During the teaching segment, she will not only discuss tips and tricks on promoting and marketing your book like a master but the importance of writing a business plan. Even if your manuscript is a work in progress, you'll want to write with the end result in mind: who will want to read my book and how can I get their attention? Is word of mouth marketing the most effective way of getting it into the hands of people who will spread the word? Should you be using social media to build a buzz? Have you developed your website?  If not, why not? Sharon wants you to know that you need to “market every day”…..and much more! You are encouraged to share which marketing tools have worked best for you. Bring your questions too. The agenda includes time for critiques, so bring up to five double-spaced manuscript pages if you like. Betty Kasperski will open the meeting with prayer and a devotional, and Rebecca Jones will provide refreshments. 

May 16, 2015 - 9 AM to Noon (Let's Get Published!)

Wilma Caraway

"If you want to get published, you have to submit!" This is what Jean Davis told the United Methodist women at their spring district meeting on April 18th when she, Eva Maddox, Betty Jarman, and Wilma Caraway presented the program.


Award-winning author Wilma Caraway wants to help you get your seasonal stories, poems, puzzles, articles, and other writings into print. She will be primarily focusing on Christmas submissions to magazines using material that has already been published or new manuscripts with a holiday emphasis. If you had a manuscript published in one of the DCWF Christmas books, contact Candy Abbott to get a final version to work from, and bring a hard copy to the meeting. Or, if you have a draft manuscript, feel free to bring it, and we will help you prepare a cover letter (and critique your manuscript if time permits). If you have a copy of Christian Writers Market Guide or The Writers's Market, bring it along as we'll be looking up potential publishers. NOW is the time to submit Christmas material for 2015. Let's not miss the boat!


Betty Kasperski will be assisting Wilma with the opening prayer and devotion. Betty and Eva Maddox will also assist with cover letters. Anna Buckler has volunteered to provide refreshments.You won't want to miss this time of training and fellowship. 


April 18, 2015 - Book Trailers and Marketing

Terri and Bob Gillespie of More Than Memories Video (MTM Video)

CLICK HERE to visit our Gillespie Book Trailer Tips page. You'll find the PowerPoint presentation they gave, their handouts, and links to three samples of their work (book trailers and author VLOG).


March 21, 2015 - Storytelling with Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones, facilitator for the March meeting

Rebecca Jones, our facilitator for March, will open her church to us, The Lighthouse, on Rt. 9. Not only that, but she will share one of her most captivating talents: The Art of Storytelling. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, there is always value in the telling of a tale. Don't miss Rebecca's segment on how to write a story that will draw your readers in.


As always, if you have a manuscript you want critiqued, bring ten copies of up to five double spaced pages. 


See you at The Lighthouse Church on Saturday!




Wilma Caraway has been invited to make a presentation in April at the Methodists Women’s Annual Spring Conference to discuss Christian publishing and local authors. If you would like your books placed on the book table for viewing and/or selling, please bring them to the March DCWF meeting. They're expecting about 50 attendees, and since Wilma can't carry too many books, two or three books from each author will be sufficient. Also, provide a brief statement promoting your book, include how you were inspired to write, how you came up with the title, etc. Be sure to have your books priced. You can supply your business cards. For additional information email Wilma at or give her a call at 302.337.7181.

May 17, 2014 - Annual Collins Pond Retreat

Wilma Caraway, retreat hostess; Ron MacArthur, guest speaker and award-winning journalist/photographer; Lynn Parks, guest journalist
















Saturday, May 17, 2014


Collins Pond Pavilion

20202 Gum Island Road (or Kennedy Road on old GPS)

Georgetown, DE 19947


9:30 AM to 2:30 PM



Hosted by Wilma Caraway



Wilma has gone all out for us for our 2014 retreat with the theme of "Hooked on Writing."  CLICK HERE for sample agenda. She has invited two journalists, Lynn Parks, with the Seaford Star (who will share during our manuscript critique time and Free Write) and Ron MacArthur, with the Cape Gazette, our guest speaker.


Guest Speaker Ron MacArthur


Ron's topic for the retreat is "Journalism 102: Writing in the Digital Age." He has been a writer/photographer for the past 40 years working for community newspapers in Sussex County including the Milford Chronicle, Seaford Star and The Leader and State Register. He is currently working at the Cape Gazette in Lewes. He got his start by taking photographs for his high school newspaper and yearbook. Ron has won more than 100 awards for photography and writing in the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association Contest. Recently, he won two awards – including Best Feature Photo –  in the 2013 National Newspaper Association Contest. He also had the opportunity to work for the International Herald Tribune in Paris, France, for a year as winner of the John H. Whitney Fellowship. Ron has been posting a Photo of the Day on social media for the past two years and is in the process of publishing a book highlighting his favorite images of the Cape Region. Ron grew up in Seaford where he was involved in various civic activities before moving to Lewes eight years ago.


For a relaxing tour of Ron's photos with musical background, visit Ron's website,


Lynn R. Parks is a free-lance journalist, currently writing for Morning Star Publications and Delaware Beach Life. She has also written for the (Wilmington) News Journal, among other publications. Lynn grew up in Bridgeville. She graduated from Woodbridge High School in 1973 and the University of Delaware, with a degree in English and a concentration in journalism, in 1977. She and her husband, Tim, have two grown children and two grandchildren.




  • We want to showcase published books that have been impacted in some way by DCWF, and Peter Mires will be setting up a table for you to display your titles. Bring one copy only of each book.
  • Bring your own brown bag lunch. Wilma will provide beverages, ice, and paper products.
  • Your double-spaced manuscript (1-inch margins, 12-pt. font, max. 5 pages) for critique.
  • Paper/pens
  • Casual dress . . . according to the weather 

P.S. Remember, the deadline for our Christmas book is Thursday, July 31!






20202 Gum Island Road, Georgetown, DE 19947:

CORNER OF 113 AND 404/18 (Seashore Highway) 
Drive west on 404/18 (Seashore Highway) approximately 6.3 miles to Wilson Hill Road. Wilson Hill Road is the first intersection past Elmer's Market. Turn right onto Wilson Hill Road (see "For All" below)

Drive east on 404/18 (Seashore Highway) approximately 4.5 miles to Wilson Hill Road. Turn left onto Wilson Hill Road (see "For All" below)

Drive north on 13 to 18. (The intersection where Wright Auto Sales is located.) Turn right onto 18. Drive 1.4 miles to 404/18. Turn right onto 404/18 (Seashore Highway). Drive approximately 2.7 miles to Wilson Hill Road. Turn left onto Wilson Hill Road (see "For All" below)

Drive 3/10 mile (to the 7th house on the left) on Wilson Hill Road to Gum Island Road (a stone road), Turn left onto Gum Island Road. Drive .1 mile on Gum Island Road to the entrance on the LEFT to the Collins Pond Pavilion.

QUESTIONS? Call Wilma at 302.542.3251 or Candy at 302.542.8510



At our regular meetings, we have a critique session, so bring your manuscript (8-10 copies of up to five double-spaced pages). No trembling, new folks--we'll point out the strengths as well as observations of areas that could be improved.



Visit the "Members Only" section on the "Member Spotlight" page to access the current roster.

If you need the password, CLICK HERE, and Candy will send it to you.

SAMPLE. Printed agenda will be distributed at the meeting.
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